About us

Our services

On the whole, our activities cover 2 domains:

  • the rental of parking spaces in communal garages,
  • the rental of residential accommodations.

Our properties are located in the Antwerp city centre, which makes it possible for us to closely follow up on the premises and to build a close association with our clients. The varied character of our properties ensures that we are able to offer residential accommodations in various price categories.

Our core activity encompasses the rental of our own properties in Antwerp. At regular intervals, we renovate our properties or (re)develop premises at our own expense. When doing so, we look for the optimal spatial and economic use of the premises, capitalising to the greatest possible extent on the needs of the neighbourhood and the potential client.

When executing renovations or new construction projects, we only appeal to certified architectural firms, engineers and contractors who can guarantee reliable, high-quality work.

We consciously have chosen to remain a modest player on the real estate market and directly target the expansion of our holdings. Given that we do not have a real estate agent’s statute, we call on certified real estate offices that have a BIV authorisation number for rental mediation if necessary. For the framing of certificates related to energy and insulation studies, we work together with certified engineering consultants.


We are a small-scale, family company with 3 employees that focuses on the acquisition of real estate, the (re)development of its own properties and the management and rental of these properties to private individuals and companies.

With our historic roots in inland navigation, we have diversified our efforts in the last decade toward the real estate business with the result that real estate has recently become our main activity.